International Conference on Cyberspace Security and Communication Technology (CSCT 2024)


Registration Q&A

Registration Q&A

Q1. How can I attend CSCT?

A1: You could attend CSCT in the following forms:

Relevant registration instructions would be sent to you to guide the registration process after confirmation.

Q2. What is the requirement for the paper format?

A2: Full paper and abstract could be formatted according to the Submission section.

Q3. Can I register for only one part of the conference session?

A3: Unfortunately, it cannot be allowed. registration for full conference is required if you want to attend it.

Q4. What is the refund policy for conference registration cancellations?

A4: Requests for refund or cancellation must be received in writing via email and are subject to the cancellation policy in the Registration section.

Q5: What if I'd like to bring a guest (listener)?

A5: Surely, a guest (listener) is warmly welcome to participate in CSCT.  Please refer to the Registration Section for more details

Q6: I have special dietary needs; how can I request special meals?

A6: Normally, the meals provided by the conference are Buffet dinner and lunch. You could choose the dishes you like.

Q7: I need a Visa to travel. How do I obtain a letter of invitation?

A7: Please note: Before receiving a letter of invitation, you will need to complete and pay for your conference registration.

Q8: When will the organizer book accommodations for attendees(Author and Listener)?

A8: We sincerely recommend that you contact the venue hotel to booked for accommodations under a discounted price one month ahead of the conference date.

Q9: Is there an airport pick-up service?

A9: Due to some limitations in time arrangement and contacts abroad, conference attendees are suggested to go to the hotel by themselves.

Need additional registration assistance?

Please get in touch with the conference secretary by email at