International Conference on Cyberspace Security and Communication Technology (CSCT 2024)


Call For Papers

The conference as an ideal platform will be held every year for people to share views and experiences in Communication Technology, Cyberspace Security and related areas.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Communication Technology

■ Network management

■ Network reliability and security

■ Network traffic characterization

■ Cross-layer design and optimization

■ Communication and information theory

■ Communication software and services

■ Protocol and algorithms for communications

■ Wireless communications and networking

■ Broadband wireless access

■ Cooperative communications and networking

■ Optical communications and networking

■ Broadband networking and protocols

■ Internet services, systems and applications

■ P2P communications and networking

■ Pervasive computing and grid networking

■ 5G and 6G systems

■ Visible light communication

■ Cognitive radio and AI-enabled networks

■ Quality of service (QoS)

■ Modeling and simulation of communication and network systems

■ Communication software

■ Software defines networks

■ Communication and networks theory

■ Green communication and networks

■ Next generation networks

■ Signal processing for networks

■ Machine learning applications to communication and network systems

■ Satellite and space communication systems

■ Smart grid communication systems

■ Social networks

Network Security

■ Security in cloud and grid systems

■ Security in e-commerce, e-government and e-services

■ Information leakage

■ Information theft

■ Data tampering

■ Data deletion

■ computer virus

■ Security breach

■ Attack monitoring

■ Encrypted communication systems

■ Information dissemination safety

■ Network isolation

■ Application security

■ Email security

■ Anti-virus and anti-malware software

■ Network segmentation

■ Behavioral analytics

■ Cloud security

■ Intrusion prevention systems

■ Mobile device security

■ Security information and event management

■ Wireless systems’ security

■ Database and system security

■ Security simulation and tools

■ Security for critical infrastructures and key resources (CIKR)

■ Privacy issues in communication systems

■ Biometric-based security systems and protocol

■ Database security

■ Quantum security and cryptography

■ Intrusion detection  

Cyberspace Security

■ Security protocol analysis

■ Cloud computing and big data security

■ Digital forensics technology

■ Network countermeasure principles

■ Trusted computing

■ Trust management

■ Hardware security

■ Identity management

■ Intelligent defense systems

■ Insider threats

■ Internet and network forensics

■ Intrusion detection and Prevention